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About Pierre

Learn how Pierre uses Machine Learning Algorithms to predict what your users want and how YOU could use his services to extract more sales for your store.

How Pierre works

Mostly Wine and Baguette. Also Science.

Effortlessly Plug In

Plug in Pierre

Pierre can connect with your existing ecommerce provider and starts to collect data about customer interactions.

Crunch Data and Run Calculations

Let Pierre Crunch the Data

Pierre takes a look at the products your shop offer, the categories and your historical sales. He then feeds the interactions data and feeds it into our propitiatory prediction engine.

It just works out of the box!

It just Works

By integrating into your shop's backend system, your store now offers the most statistically accurate predictions of what customers are likely to buy.

Reach out to potential customers

Reach Out

Not only does Pierre integrates with your store, he can also send out personalized emails to your past customers! Pierre will hand pick a unique set of items to recommend and promote for each customer.

Make money!


Pierre is completely aligned with your interests. You will not be charged a monthly or yearly fee. Instead, Pierre takes a small portion of sales that were 100% tracked back to his promotional activities.

Benefits of using Pierre

Everything you need


Plug and Play

After our one click install, Pierre goes off on his own to extract and analyze the data.


ROI Based

Only pay for sales generated. You can clearly see every sale Pierre has generated. Only pay for results! How does this work?


Set it & Forget it

Pierre runs in the background of your store and never bothers you. The only change you'll notice is increased sales.


Most Accurate

Pierre uses the latest technology, same as Amazon, Netflix and YouTube, to generate the best recommendations possible. Best part? The more Pierre runs on your site, the smarter he becomes!


Cross Platform

WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce or any other platform. Pierre has no preference, he can work with any existing store.


Higher Revenue per User

Pierre has been known to extract up to 56% more in customer lifetime value. It's 2017, time to get personalized!

So what does Pierre ACTUALLY do?

Everything you need.

On sitePersonalized Featured Items

If your customer is already browsing some items on your store, Pierre will help you extract the most value from him or her. By collecting and analyzing every customer's path to purchase, Pierre is able to determine which items should be shown!

EmailEnhance Promotional Emails

Email isn't dead. By using every customer communication as an up-sell and cross-sell opportunity, Pierre recommends unique items tailored specifically to the client at hand. No two clients are the same and therefore no two emails should be!

Social NetworksPersonalized Ads

Personalized re-targetting features combined with Pierre's advanced product recommendation system ensure that old customers will see the right advertisement on their social media feeds. Stop advertising generic items and start tailoring every ad to a segment of your clients!

Plans & Pricing

Here's how Pierre's pricing works... It's FREE to get started with!

Then... How do we keep the lights on?

Pierre takes 5-10% of the sales that HE generated

feature cta
  • feature cta

    Track Sales Generated by Pierre

    Pierre uses UTM technology on each of the recommendations he makes. This ensures transparency when it is time for him to take his cut.

  • feature cta

    Detailed Report

    While you can use tools like Google Analytics reports to double check Pierre, he also serves an easy to read report monthly, along with the bill. It is mission critical for us to be able to track which sales we have generated for you.

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Common questions and answers

  • How and when can I cancel Pierre's services?

    Anytime. No yearly contracts, no lock-ins. We are that confident that you'll love Pierre.

  • How does Pierre keep my data safe?

    Everything is stored on our secure servers. We use industry leading encryption technology to ensure it is safe!

  • How do I know if Pierre is working?

    Hold us accountable! We use special attributes to prove that the sale came from Pierre and not just from organic traffic. We track every sale to the recommendation item, email or ad that Pierre created.

  • Does Pierre work for everyone?

    Nope. Sorry. As much as Pierre loves to please, his magic only starts to work once you hit a certain scale. We recommend at least 20 items and about 100 active visitors per month.


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